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See Behind Closed Doors

What's happening at your properties? Get complete blockchain transparency in real time 24/7 365 days a year... right from your desktop or mobile.

Occupied or Vacant?

Get faster insights to whether your property is currently occupied or whether they've skipped.

See the entire block through the Blockchain.

Its not just what's happening on your property... but around it.  Get verified information on events, legal filings, and neighbors.

Blockchain Verified Property Metrics

Occupied. Preforclosure.

Owner is maintaining.  Last verified: 2 days

Vacant. Outdoor furniture. Last verified: 4 hours

Owner moved out all interior furnishings 4 hours ago and left exterior furniture.

Public Foreclosure Sale. 1 hour ago

Vacant. Now REO by Fannie Mae.  Locks changed.  Winterization scheduled.


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Field Ledger

NYC Metro

Field Ledger is currently available in the NYC Metro Area.

Ultimate Field Services

Find, verify, document and manage closers, title searches and more.

Floor plan retrievals.

We'll retrieve the latest floor plans from local government building departments and upload them to you via the Blockchain.

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Field Ledger

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